Nitin Gadkari respects me a lot says Akshara Singh

Reportedly famous Bhojpuri cinema actress Akshara Singh joined prashant Kishor’s campaign Jan Suraj in the capital

Patna on Monday. He took membership in Jan Suraj office. During this, his father and Bhojpuri artist Vipin

Singh alias Inderjit Singh was also present. At the same time, on this occasion, Akshara Singh said that I have

not joined any political party. Jan Suraj is not a party but a campaign. She further said that whenever Prashant

Kishore wants, I will join him in the padyatra. In the coming time, you will get all the information through

social media.

I want to make bihar educated

Akshara Singh said that today we have gathered here for the purpose and today I have become a member of Jan

Suraj. A small part of this campaign has become the daughter of bihar today. Being a daughter of bihar, I want

to educate bihar, this is a small initiative of that, hence I am associated with this campaign at such a young age.

In the coming time, if prashant kishor wants, I will also contest elections. people of bihar should give me more

love so that I can work further forward.

After joining the Bhojpuri actress party, she said that she could go to any party anytime. I have good friends in

all the parties, but I chose Jan Suraj because this is not a party but a campaign and I will walk step by step with

Prashant Kishore. Being an artist, being a daughter of bihar, I have taken this step. I do not want to join any

party. nitin gadkari respects me a lot, he is like my father, but it does not mean that I should join his party. Jan

Suraj is such an initiative which has attracted me as a youth.

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