Why EC ordered to stop Rythu Bandhu scheme?

The election commission had allowed the disbursement of funds for the rabi harvest this season, provided they are not publicized, in accordance with the poll code of conduct. However, state finance minister T harish rao announced during a campaign that the money under the Rythu Bandhu scheme would be credited to the farmers on a certain date before the polls.

“The disbursement will be made on Monday. Even before the farmers complete their breakfast and tea, the amount will be credited into their account,” he had said. The model code was violated and the poll body took note of the statement made by the minister, who a contesting candidate from the BRS.

The ec ordered the telangana government not to give any disbursement under the scheme till the MCC in the state “ceases to apply in all its forms”. The state government has been asked to submit a compliance report by 3 pm today. The Congress, who is sitting in the opposition for nearly a decade, has been demanding a stop on the release of scheme funds to farmers until the polls are over. The key objective of the RBS is to prevent farmers from taking personal loans at obnoxious interest rates and rescue them from financial pitfalls. Under the scheme, farmers will directly get financial support twice a year, i.e. during the two main harvest seasons.

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