Pallavi Patel came in support of Swami Prasad Maurya, know what she said?

Apna Dal (Kamerawadi) leader and Sirathu mla Pallavi patel reached Varanasi. During this, he targeted BJP

regarding the program to be organized on the life of shivaji Maharaj in Banaras Hindu university (BHU).

During this, she was also seen supporting the statements of SP leader Swami prasad Maurya and said that if

there is a fight between Buddhists and temples, then temples will be left far behind. Pallavi patel raised

questions about the program based on the life of shivaji Maharaj at mp Theater of kasi Hindu university to be

held from 21st to 26th november and targeted BJP.

Accused on BJP

Pallavi patel said that the bharatiya janata party is deliberately playing with history and is trying to show the

life and personality of shivaji Maharaj only by linking it with Hindutva. Pallavi patel said that shivaji had the

support of other classes also, but through this program the role of only one class of people is being shown. He

also raised questions on the administration's participation in this program related to the educational institution.

Pallavi patel will fight against PM Modi!

There are speculations that Pallavi patel may contest elections from varanasi with the support of Samajwadi

Party. When she was questioned about this, she said that if I contest elections from Banaras in the future, I will

contest the elections giving my 100 percent, but the decision of my contesting against PM Modi will be taken

by the top leadership and the future ones. A decision on this will be taken in time.

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