Will it not be easy to get ticket from BSP for Lok Sabha elections in UP?

There is very little time left for the upcoming lok sabha elections 2024 to begin. At the same time, all the big

political parties are seen tightening their belts. Under which now Bahujan Samaj party in Uttar Pradesh has also

started its preparations. Under the leadership of mayawati, BSP has started making a new strategy for better

performance in the lok sabha elections. At present, this time BSP is eyeing 17 reserved seats out of 80 Lok

Sabha seats in Uttar Pradesh. In fact, in the lok sabha elections held in 2019, BSP had won two seats of

reserved category, Nagina and Lalganj. On the other hand, BSP had lost on other reserved seats by very small

margins. In such a situation, mayawati is making a new strategy to win these reserved seats and is looking for

candidates from within the cadre to win as many seats as possible in the Lok Sabha.

Party made new strategy

These days the BSP chief is very busy with the assembly elections held in five states. Along with this, in her

free time, she is holding divisional meetings in the districts of Uttar Pradesh to review the preparations for the

Lok Sabha elections and also considering the future strategy. To ensure victory on the reserved seats of Uttar

Pradesh, he has instructed the divisional in-charges of the party to continuously connect with the people by

organizing camps on the reserved seats.

Old cadre leaders will be made candidates

At present, under the new strategy, the strategy of making old leaders of the cadre as candidates is being

adopted to ensure victory on reserved seats. Let us tell you that in the lok sabha elections held in the year

2019, mayawati had contested the elections along with SP. Which helped him in winning these two seats. At

present, this time mayawati has refused to join the india alliance. Due to which this time this path is going to be

somewhat difficult for them.

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