Chandrababu will visit families of those who died due to arrest..!?

To protest the cases against Chandrababu Babu, a one-day initiation was taken under the name of Satyamevajayate under the leadership of TDP. nara bhuvaneshwari initiated Diksha in Rajahmundry. nara bhuvaneshwari has announced that she will soon visit the families of those who died due to Chandrababu's arrest. nara bhuvaneshwari organized a Diksha in the name of Satyamevajayate in rajahmundry on monday to protest the cases against Chandrababu. The children gave lemon juice to Bhuvaneswari and interrupted the initiation. bhuvaneshwari gave a speech to celebrate the end of initiation this evening. bhuvaneshwari expressed her desire that Chandrababu should live his life too. She said that she participated in the initiation for the welfare of the people of the state. bhuvaneshwari reminded that gandhi who fought for freedom was put in jail. She mentioned that Chandrababu had asked him to spend some time for his family. He said that Chandrababu always worked for the welfare of the people.

He said that even when his father NTR and husband Chandrababu served as Chief Ministers, they never interfered. bhuvaneshwari said that Chandrababu always thought for the welfare of the state and the people. He said that there was not a single case against his family members. bhuvaneshwari said that he never thought that such a situation would happen to his family. She said that Chandrababu took the party forward with the inspiration of NTR. bhuvaneshwari clarified that they never misused government funds. He said that Chandrababu worked for the development of IT in Hyderabad. bhuvaneshwari said on this occasion that Chandrababu used to complain about amaravati and polavaram in andhra pradesh after the division of the state. Chandrababu used to sleep only three or four hours a day.

Bhuvaneshwari opined that if Chandrababu was in power for ten years, the development of the state would have happened. bhuvaneshwari asked the people that they want to cast their votes properly in the upcoming elections.

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