PM Modi lashed out at Congress, said- They used to play with poor...?


prime minister Narendra Modi gifted development works worth crores of rupees in Gwalior. Also, while

addressing the public meeting, the prime minister fiercely attacked the Congress. He said that no government

has done as much development work in one year as my government has done in one day. Regarding the

development works done in madhya pradesh, PM Modi said that these development works are the result of the

efforts of the double engine government. He claimed that in the last few years, my government has brought

madhya pradesh from a sick state to the top ten states of the country. From here, our aim is to take Madhya

Pradesh to three states of the country.

Without naming the opposition congress, prime minister Narendra Modi said, madhya pradesh cannot be

developed by those people who neither have any new thinking nor any road map. They have only one thought,

that of India. Hate development, hate India’s plans. He further said, In their hatred they forget the

achievements of India. During his speech, PM Modi said, india is being praised all over the world. Today the

world sees its future in India. However, some people are involved in politics, who do not like the world to

praise India. He said that india has become the fifth economic power from the tenth in nine years, but the anti-

development people are busy claiming that this has not happened.

What did PM Modi say on Congress?

prime minister Narendra Modi claimed to make the country the third largest economy in the world if he wins

the upcoming lok sabha elections. Targeting the country’s previous congress government, PM Modi said, he

country had given 60 years to some people who were anti-development, they had a chance to develop. Still,

they could not do it. This is their failure. He said that He used to play with the emotions of the poor even then

and is doing the same thing even today. From then till today he has been spreading casteism and corruption in

the society and is still doing the same. Taking a jibe at the gandhi family, the prime minister said that earlier

also some people used to glorify a family, and even today they see their future in doing the same.

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