Canada surrounded by diplomatic moves of India

At present, canada is isolated from the world in this whole matter. Even though the prime minister of canada is

calling Hardeep Singh Nijjar a citizen of his country on every public platform. But since september 18, i.e. ever

since this allegation was leveled against india and canada sent back its ambassadors, india has also retaliated

fiercely. india protested against Canada’s false accusation and sent back a senior ambassador of this country on

September 19 itself. Due to which a clear message was sent to canada and other countries that india will not

tolerate such false allegations.

In diplomatic moves, india cornered canada so badly that finally the country has started softening its stance.

Canada was accusing india of killing the Khalistani terrorist, calling him a citizen of its country. Now he himself

has retreated from the same issue.

What is the case of murder of Hardeep Singh Nijjar?

On june 18, pro-Khalistan terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar was shot dead outside a Gurudwara in Canada. Three

months after this incident, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau said in a statement that the indian government

may be behind this murder. Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau claims that indian agents have murdered a

citizen of his country. After this matter gained momentum, canada asked the indian diplomat to leave the

country. In response, india has also ordered the Canadian diplomat to leave the country. Now the increasing

tension between the two countries has worried india and canada as well as other world leaders. Relations

between the two countries have reached their lowest level in recent years.

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