Telangana Government Doctors see Faster Growth

Prior to a few years ago, it used to take a senior physician in telangana at least 20 years to advance to the position of professor at a government hospital. However, in the past year or two, an Associate professor may now, in just six to seven years, become a professor and take charge of a medical department at a government hospital.
Nowadays, it takes a government doctor a lot longer to advance professionally than it did when they were restricted to a single position of Assistant or Associate professor for decades. It used to be the case that senior doctors in government hospitals who earned it would wind up becoming professors right before they retired, but this is no longer the case.
The rapid expansion of medical education with the opening of 21 government medical colleges between 2016 and 2023 and the recruitment undertaken in tandem with the opening of the new teaching hospitals in telangana has greatly contributed to the timely professional growth of doctors in government hospitals.
There won't be an excessive delay in the advancement and professional development of government doctors thanks to the recent hiring of 1,479 Assistant Professors at government medical institutions and affiliated teaching hospitals. 545 Associate Professors in all have received professorial promotions in the previous few months and have been assigned to many government hospitals and medical schools in Telangana.
According to health Minister T Harish Rao, "There have been instances in other indian States where senior doctors retired as Assistant and Associate Professors and regrettably never made it to Professors."
The State government has also resolved to offer senior doctors now working in government hospitals first priority by elevating and appointing them as Professors in Telangana's eight forthcoming medical institutions (2024–2025) in order to further foster their professional development. The other positions will be filled through additional promotions of Associate and Assistant Professors to Professors, health authorities noted. "These posts of Professors will only be filled with existing senior doctors," they added.

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