Telangana Kakinada Police Recover 275 stolen cellphones using MobiTrack

Using the MobiTrack technology, the kakinada district police have found 275 stolen smartphones valued at Rs.55 lakhs. Since the implementation of MobiTrack, 845 stolen smartphones have been found, according to kakinada district superintendent of police S. Satish Kumar.
He advised anyone who had misplaced their phone to contact or message the number 9490617852, post their information on the CEIR website, or both. Theft of cell phones has grown over the previous two years, according to Kumar, but the MobiTrack system has made it easier for police to rapidly identify and apprehend offenders. The GPS-based MobiTrack technology aids law enforcement in the tracking of stolen smartphones. Additionally, it is employed to prevent the usage of stolen smartphones on any network.

When giving the complainants their phones, Superintendent of police S. sathish Kumar urged them to use the "Mobi track kakinada police" App to file their complaints so that the police could quickly find them. Additionally, Kumar stated that since the Mobi Track kakinada police App service's debut? A total of 845 mobile phones were recovered and turned over to the rightful complainants; 90 phones in the first installment, 249 in the second, 231 in the third, and now 275 in the fourth.
"Anyone who has had their mobile phone stolen or lost should call the kakinada police whatsapp at 94906 17852 and send a message with the word Hai." After that, customers would receive a URL where they could register the specifics of the misplaced phone. For a similar aim, the federal government also launched the CEIR website (, which can be used to submit a misplaced mobile phone report, he continued.

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