This monsoon across Telangana marked by intense heat, delayed onset and record rains

The southwest monsoon season has officially ended, bringing hyderabad and the rest of Telangana's weather into the post-monsoon season, which typically lasts from october to December. Despite its delayed arrival and irregular activity, this year's monsoon had a tremendous impact on Hyderabad. Weather aficionados and locals have experienced a combination of expectation and surprise during the city's meteorological voyage. The arrival of the monsoon was anything but smooth; a delay of ten days caused anxiety across the city.

High-temperature advisories were issued in june as a result of the extreme heat and scant rainfall that month. The skies opened up and brought much-needed rains towards the end of june, giving relief. Notably, the months of July and september made up the largest portion of Hyderabad's southwest monsoon rainfall. However, august turned out to be disappointing because the city had a persistent lack of enough precipitation. Contrarily, July painted a picture of deluge that covered the whole State, including hyderabad, with copious amounts of rain.
Impressive downpours occurred between July 19 and the end of the month, with July 27 distinguishing out as a particularly rainy day. The telangana State Development Planning Society reported that hyderabad received 769.5 mm of rain at the monsoon season's conclusion. This number was 25% over the standard deviation of 615.4 mm, which was the typical value. Surprisingly, all sections of the city were categorized as having had "excess" or "normal" precipitation.
Saroornagar, Saidabad, Hayatnagar, Uppal, Bandlaguda, and Ameerpet saw "normal" rainfall, while all other areas experienced "excessive" precipitation. With the most rainfall in the previous three years occurring during the monsoon months, Shaikpet and Maredpally stole the show in the data on monsoon rains. Maredpally came in second with 908.5 mm, closely followed by Shaikpet's staggering total of 910.7 mm. Residents should anticipate a steady decline in rainfall beginning on october 2 as the southwest monsoon gets ready to leave telangana, including hyderabad, in the second week of October.
Hyderabad may anticipate a dip in temperature beginning in november and lasting through january as winter approaches, ushering in the season of chilly evenings.

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