BJP’s strategy in Madhya Pradesh may prove to be ineffective...

Sekar Chandra

Call it a master stroke or a test of ground reality or Congress-India’s fear that now bjp has given its all in Madhya

Pradesh elections. bjp has so far fielded seven of its MPs in the election campaign for the assembly elections, out of

which three are Union Ministers. And right now this is a list of only 40 candidates. There are still more candidates to be

declared, and it will not be a surprise if more MPs and ministers are fielded in the assembly elections. But will this

formula of bjp win mp elections be successful or has bjp made a big mistake like the West bengal assembly elections, in

which despite fielding MPs and ministers, the party was reduced to only 77 seats.

There were assembly elections in West bengal in the year 2021. At that time, bjp, which won 18 seats in the 2019 Lok

Sabha elections, was trying to strengthen its roots in the assemblies in Bengal. And as part of this effort, bjp had given

assembly election tickets to five MPs in that election. bjp gave assembly tickets to bjp mp from asansol and former

Union minister Babul Supriyo, Hooghly mp locket chatterjee, Cooch Behar mp Nisith Pramanik, Ranaghat mp Jagannath

Sarkar and rajya sabha mp Swapan Dasgupta. When the results came, it was found that three out of five MPs could not

even win the assembly elections. Among the losing MPs were Union ministers Babul Supriyo, locket chatterjee and

Swapan Das Gupta, who could not save their own seats. And the result was that bjp, which was dreaming of capturing

power in bengal, was reduced to 77 seats and the dream of bengal was shattered. However, even then it was said that

these MPs had an important contribution in taking bjp from three seats to 77 seats.

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