Manoj Tiwari’s allegation on Delhi CM residence Controversy


delhi bjp mp manoj tiwari on thursday gave a big statement on cbi registering PE FIR and starting investigation in the

cm residence controversy. Addressing a press conference, he said that delhi is shocked today. Not only delhi, I think

every section of the country interested in governments and politics is shocked. Everyone is surprised about this crime

and corruption scandal in Delhi. There is no such political party in the history of indian politics which has established

such a huge record of corruption in the shortest period of its existence. He said that the name of that party is Aam

Aadmi Party.

manoj tiwari said that I have no hesitation in saying that the one who formed the party in the name of a common man

reached here by looting the treasury of the same common man. The bjp leader said that the common man was used to

loot the common man. Further, he said that I am saying it already, all the scams that have taken place in the Delhi

government in the last ten years have taken place at the behest of AAP leaders. No matter what scam it is. The people

involved in this may be going to jail or have gone to jail or may even be under investigation. I think the people of Delhi

are confident about the construction of cm residence as the curtains and toilets alone cost crores of rupees. Now the

truth will be known in the cbi investigation.

cbi will work to punish the culprits

P mp manoj tiwari said that in such a situation, in which the AAP leader had given courage in 2013. The power of such

simplicity that many good people were forgotten. What did that person do to fulfill his dream of living in a luxurious

palace by 2022? During the period of 2020, 2021 and 2022, people of many countries were worried and helpless for

oxygen. At that time the delhi government was busy in building a luxurious palace. Therefore, we are supporting the CBI

investigation. Only cbi investigation will know why the files were stolen? With the investigation, cbi will truly go to the

bottom and work towards punishing the wrong people.

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