The BJP was viciously attacked by the Aam Aadmi Party...

S Venkateshwari
The bjp was viciously attacked by the Aam Aadmi Party...

After the cbi investigation into the renovation of delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal's home began, the aam aadmi party launched a ferocious attack on the bjp, which is currently in power at the Centre. No matter how many investigations the bjp conducts, according to AAP, nothing has ever been discovered and nothing ever will be. AAP challenged the bjp in the CBI's preliminary investigation. AAP, which is currently in power in the capital, released a statement in which it claimed that "BJP has used all of its strength to destroy the Aam Aadmi Party."

AAP accused the bjp of engaging in "religious politics." The aam aadmi party continued in its statement, "Currently, in all of india, there is only one party that is seeking votes by carrying out excellent work in the fields of education and health, but bjp does not want the poor to receive good education and the best health facilities. With this, the BJP's caste and religious politics will be destroyed. manish Sisodia and Satyendar Jain, the nation's top ministers of education and health, were imprisoned as a result.

The AAP further stated in the statement, "Now that all the investigating agencies have been deployed to besiege delhi CM arvind kejriwal, the love and blessings of two crore people in delhi are with Arvind Kejriwal. They have so far brought more than 50 cases against kejriwal ji and ordered an investigation. None of them let anything out. This will also result in nothing. arvind kejriwal will continue to fight for the interests of the average person regardless of how much investigation the bjp wants. arvind kejriwal has vowed to elevate india to the top spot in the world. Willing to pay anything for this.

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