Why Raghuveer Singh Meena been removed from the post of member in Congress Working Committee?

Sekar Chandra
Reportedly if we look at the politics of udaipur, till now there are many MLAs and MPs in whose family their father,

brother, husband have also been MLAs and they have got the ticket on this basis. Some of these candidates

have moved ahead after winning, but there are some who are still trying. Let us see who are those data-faces who

inherited politics.

Former mp Raghuveer Singh Meena: Just a few days ago, Raghuveer Singh meena came into the news for his

removal from the post of member in the congress Working Committee. minister Mahendrajit Singh Malviya

was given in place of Meena. Raghuveer Singh meena has been mla from Salumber assembly of Udaipur

and udaipur MP. His father Devendra meena has also been an MLA.

Preeti Shaktawat: Preeti Shaktawat is in congress and she is mla from Vallabhnagar assembly of Udaipur

district. After the death of Preeti Shaktawat’s husband late Gajendra Singh Shaktawat, who was an mla from

the same assembly, a by-election was held, in which Preeti Shaktawat stood and won and became the MLA.

Gajendra Singh Shaktawat: Late leader Gajendra Singh Shaktawat was an mla from Vallabhnagar assembly

seat. His father Gulab Singh Shaktawat had been the home minister and was also a powerful congress leader.

Bharatiya Janata party mla Pratap Lal Gameti: Pratap Lal Gameti’s brother Bhura Gameti became MLA

from Gogunda seat of udaipur district twice. vivek Katara: vivek Katara, son of former mla Khemraj

Katara and former mla Sajjan Katara, had contested from udaipur Rural assembly but data-faced defeat. Former

Congress mp Indubala Sukhadia: After the death of former chief minister Mohanlal Sukhadia, wife Indubala

Sukhadia remained mp from udaipur Lok Sabha. Basanti Devi Meena: Basanti Devi meena is the wife of

former mp Raghuveer Singh meena and Basanti Devi meena has been the mla from Salumber.

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