Harassment of children... Stalin's action order!?

Chief minister Stalin has directed that child molesters should be booked and punished within 60 days. A review meeting on law and order in tamil Nadu was held at the Chief secretariat under the chairmanship of chief minister Stalin. chief minister Stalin said, “The next seven to eight months are very important in tamil Nadu. Some important memorial days and religious festivals take place during this period. Similarly, the parliamentary elections are going to be held next year. Therefore, during this period we have to monitor very carefully so that there is no law and order problem in the state.” advised.

“Only by ensuring the safety of women and children can their education and economy be improved. Therefore, special patrol forces should be used to monitor schools, colleges and other places where women congregate and legal action should be taken against the wrongdoers to ensure safety.” chief minister Stalin has ordered.

Further, chief minister Stalin has also ordered that action should be taken under the POCSO Act against the criminals who sexually molest children and ensure that the charge sheet is filed and punished within 60 days. “Parents of affected children who come to file complaints for action under the POCSO Act should be treated with special care and dignity and their child's name and identity protected. About the POCSO Act, police Inspectors and Assistant Inspectors should visit colleges and schools to create awareness about laws protecting children and women. Awareness should be created about the dangers of drug consumption and emergency helpline/whats-up to inform the police about cannabis and drug peddlers.” chief minister Stalin has advised. Pointing out that the law and order problem is sometimes caused by some social media messages, chief minister Stalin ordered that the social media posts should be closely monitored and cases should be registered against those who spread caste and religious hatred in them and take swift action.

Chief minister Stalin asked the officials to take all necessary efforts to make our state a park of peace, a state rich in industry, to further develop and to reduce and prevent crime.

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