When Congress raised questions on EVM, BJP spokesperson surrounded...


Bharatiya Janata party (BJP) spokesperson Shehzad Poonawala has attacked the statement given by Congress

MP manish Tiwari regarding EVMs. He said, “EVM is an excuse because they (Congress) want to save the

family in the upcoming elections. Unfortunately, the congress party thinks that people will not question them

about their conditional commitment to constitutional institutions.

He further said, when they win elections in karnataka and Himachal Pradesh, EVMs and Election

Commission are fine, but when they see defeat in the upcoming assembly elections or lok sabha elections,

they start making an excuse to save the family from defeat. Let's do it. This shows that the congress party has

no faith in the Constitution and constitutional institutions...

manish Tiwari had expressed fear of tampering in EVM

During a conversation with news agency ANI, manish Tiwari had said, Democracy is much more valuable

than being left to the mercy of technology. The question is not whether EVMs can be tampered with, but

whether it is enough to go back to paper ballots. There are reasons. One simple reason is that an Electronic

Voting Machine (EVM) is essentially a machine and like any other machine, it can be tampered with, it can be

hacked, its functioning can be disrupted. It can be used, it can be played with.”

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