Telangana Hyderabad Vande Bharat Train Features Review - Swivel Chairs, Charging Ports, Few Toilets

I discovered that the chairs were more comfy than the Shatabdi seats around an hour into the trip. One of the features I liked best was that each passenger in executive and chair car class had their own personal charging station. These points were on the hand rest in executive class and underneath the seats in the chair car.
In the chair vehicle, there is a charging station with one USB port and one plug point. There is also a type-C point in the executive class to make charging easier for apple customers. Older trains, such as the Shatabdi, featured charging stations that passengers had to share. The demand for personal charging outlets on trains has increased along with the number of gadgets that each passenger uses.
Additionally, the Vande Bharat offers roomy restrooms with enough room between the seat and sink. However, there were fewer restrooms. There are only two restrooms each coach, one in the western manner and one in the indian style. Each coach has four restrooms on standard chair car trains. More passengers may stand in the Vande Bharat's wider lobby. Without obstructing the way, a passenger can get up and take a call there.
I took the Vande Bharat Express' executive class, which provided comfort on par with that of the business class section. There are head and foot rests on the chairs. In the executive class, each row is set up as 2+2, however in the chair car, it is 3+2. Each train features two executive class carriages in addition to the 14 chair cars.
Although the executive class does not have a rotation option, the chair car does. Thus, if you want to take in the picturesque view, you may turn to data-face the window. Additionally, you may turn the chairs so they are facing the train's direction or the other way around. If you are going in larger groups than two, it is a useful alternative.

In order to maintain security, the train's gates are always secured and cannot be opened by anybody unless they are at the scheduled stop. Therefore, there is no danger from intruders even if the train must stop in isolated areas. Another feature of the train allows passengers to communicate directly with the loco pilot. We put it to the test to see how much longer it would be till we reached Shirdi. We received an answer right away.

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