Telangana - North Hyderabad emerges as Residential Hub

Within Hyderabad's northern suburbs, the areas around Kompally, Medchal, and shamirpet have lately become fast expanding residential centres. Their close proximity to important urban centres and extensive infrastructure development are mostly to blame for this increase in demand, which has in turn sparked tremendous expansion in the real estate industry.
According to a study by renowned investment management firm Colliers international Group Inc., a number of positive circumstances have led to Kompally, Medchal, and shamirpet becoming extremely sought-after real estate hotspots. Among them are their advantageous location, significant potential for capital growth, and a wide variety of housing alternatives, including exclusive gated communities.

Experts have noted that Hyderabad's northwest has developed into the region with the most employment, which has spurred residential activity in and in its surroundings. As long-established micromarkets grow saturated over time, demand has spilled over into nearby regions like Kompally, Medchal, and Shamirpet. When looking for a range of housing options, purchasers highly esteem these areas.
In places like Kompally and Alwal, freestanding apartments normally cost between Rs 4,500 and Rs 5,000 per square foot, while homes in gated communities go for between Rs 5,500 and Rs 6,000 per square foot. Prices for plots typically vary from Rs 60,000 to Rs 80,000 per square yard.
Additionally, this corridor is becoming known as a posh weekend and vacation house destination. Premium spa resorts, wilderness retreats, and gated communities with numerous facilities have all been developed there. Experts point out that the location is a desirable option for investors wishing to take advantage of chances in the area due to its lush natural surroundings, solid physical infrastructure, and presence of present and developing economic centres. In addition, a number of prestigious hospitals, commercial centres, and schools have opened nearby.

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