Canada PM losing popularity..!? Voted worst PM..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
canada PM losing popularity..!? Voted worst PM..!?
A survey revealed that Voters were unhappy with Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, who made serious allegations against India. He made it clear that his popularity had fallen brutally. In a survey in the name of IPSOS, Justin Trudeau is the most likely to be Prime Minister. Pierre Poilievre, opposition leader in the Prime Minister's race, supported 40% of the Pierre Poiliev. Poilevrene voted to be Prime Minister. The survey made it clear that even though the elections were held now, he would get 39% of the votes. Trudeau was elected prime minister of canada in 2015. He is currently heading the Liberal Party. If the elections are held now, Trudeau is likely to poll only 30% of the votes, the survey said. The survey made it clear that the Liberal party, which is leading the Trudeau Liberal party, will definitely lose and the opposition party will win the conservatives. elections will be held in canada in 2025. A survey was conducted in July this year. Even then, Trudeau gave a worse rating. In these 50 years, voters were worried about the worst Prime Minister. Justin Trudeau's father Pierre Trudeau served as prime minister of canada from 1968-79. He was in the same position from 1980-84. Best Prime Minister. His son-in-law Trudeau has expressed strong opposition from voters.
Trudeau has been accused of staying with a soft attitude towards the Khalistan movement. The survey reveals that Canadian people are embarrassed that they are not taking action against those who are creating riots in the name of freedom of expression. The Liberal party is currently leading the government with the New Democratic party (NDP). Jagmith Singh is heading the NDP. He is a Khalistan sympathizer. The NDP has announced that it will support the government until the next elections. Criticism of Khalistan's sympathizers has been criticized by the government.
There is a similar controversy in India. But Truda is completely pushing hands on India. india has been criticized internationally for making baseless allegations that India's hand is behind Nizjar's murder. The survey was crucial at this time. There are arguments that Justin Trudeau should not lose the next election. However, he came to power with the support of Sikhs and does not appear to have had the opportunity to take action against the Khalistan movement. That vote is silent to protect the bank. More thanks to India.

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