There will be no long wait for income-caste certificate, CM Yogi instructions!!!


Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath has instructed all the district Magistrates of the state to provide e-

district services within the stipulated time limit. At the same time, the district Magistrates have been asked to fix

accountability on the pending cases after the stipulated time limit. He has instructed the district Magistrates to take

strict action against those who delay in disposal of e-district services. The chief minister held a review meeting of

the cm Command Center and Dashboard. Many important instructions were given in this. In such a situation, now

the people of the state will not have to wait long for caste, residence, income and status certificate. During the

meeting, officials presented the blueprint of the services of the e-district. Officials told in the meeting that since

January till now, 61,32,976 caste certificate applications have been received under e-district, which are issued in 15

days. Till now 59,13,420 applications have been disposed of, the ratio of which is 96 percent.

The disposal ratio of applications should be 100 percent

During the same period, 96 percent applications for residence certificate, 95 percent income certificate and 58

percent status certificate were disposed of. cm Yogi has asked to reduce the deadline for e-district services to one

week. There should not be any kind of negligence in disposal of applications. Also, their disposal ratio should be

made 100 percent.

UP is the largest consumer market in the country'

On the other hand, cm Yogi said in a program that UP is not only the largest labor market in the country, but is

also the largest consumer market in the country, and at the same time, by changing the scale here into skill, it will

become the New Uttar Pradesh of New India.

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