What the leaders of other countries said about tension of Canada and India?


Britain: Britain’s Labor party MP Tanmanjit Singh Dhesi, reacting to this whole matter and Canada’s allegation,

said, It is disturbing to make such allegations by Canada.

According to Dhesi, many Sikhs from Slough city of our country and beyond have contacted me. people are

worried, angry and scared. He said that we are in touch with canada and india in this entire matter so that justice

can be ensured. America: America’s reaction came in view of this whole matter and the increasing tension between

india and Canada. On Tuesday, the US side said that it is necessary to complete Canada’s investigation into this

entire matter, so that those who are guilty can be punished. America has appealed to india to cooperate with Canada

in the investigation.

Australia: On Tuesday, september 20, the spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry of australia issued a statement

amid the India-Canada tension, saying, australia is very serious about this allegation against India. All countries

should respect sovereignty and law. He further said that we are in touch with our partners on this entire matter. We

have even expressed our concern at the senior level in India.

Meanwhile, Australian journalists asked prime minister Anthony Albanese whether he regrets calling Narendra

Modi The Boss In response to which the Australian PM said to have some patience. When PM Modi came here,

the people of indian origin living here gave him a grand welcome. Seeing this, I said this and he was welcomed exactly like the other guests.

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