Women Reservation Bill gets approval from Rajya Sabha!!!


The Women’s Reservation Bill was passed unanimously in the rajya sabha on thursday (21 September) during the

special session of the Parliament. All parties supported this bill. 214 votes were cast in support of the bill and no

votes were cast against it. This bill was passed in the lok sabha on wednesday after a long discussion. All the

amendments proposed on this bill also fell in the Rajya Sabha. In the lok sabha, 454 votes were cast in favor of

this bill and 2 against it. In this bill, a provision has been made to give 33 percent reservation for women in the Lok

Sabha and Assemblies.

rajya sabha Chairman congratulated

On passing the bill, Vice President and rajya sabha Chairman jagdeep dhankhar congratulated everyone and also

said that it is such a coincidence that according to Hindu customs today is also the birthday of Prime Minister

Narendra Modi. I congratulate him.

PM Modi said historic step

On the passing of this bill, PM Modi said that this is a decisive moment in the democratic journey of our country.

Congratulations to 140 crore Indians. I thank all those rajya sabha MPs who voted for the Nari shakti Vandan Act.

Such unanimous support is truly heartening. With this, we begin an era of stronger representation and

empowerment for the women of India. This historic step is a commitment to ensure that their voices are heard even

more effectively.

What did arjun ram meghwal say while presenting the bill?

Union Law and Justice minister (Independent Charge) arjun ram meghwal had introduced the Constitution (128th

Amendment) Bill, 2023 in the Rajya Sabha. During this, he said that this bill is related to women empowerment and

after it becomes law, the current number of women members in the 543-member lok sabha will increase from 82

to 181. Also, 33 percent seats will be reserved for women in the assemblies.

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