Why does BJP expect 10 seats from Dr. Jyoti Mirdha?


Elections are to be held in five states including rajasthan later this year. In such a situation, be it bjp or congress,

both the parties are putting their strength in this election. The mathematics of getting maximum seats is being

played in such a way that the parties are trying to attract every powerful leader towards themselves.

Something similar is happening in rajasthan also. Jyoti Mirdha, granddaughter of senior congress leader Nathuram

Mirdha, has left congress and joined bjp a few days ago. After which, different political equations are emerging

from this master stroke of BJP. Jyoti Mirdha is being considered as BJP's lok sabha candidate from Nagaur in

2024. Nathuram Mirdha was among the influential leaders in Rajasthan. In such a situation, when Jyoti contested

the elections, everyone's eyes were on her. In the year 2009, Jyoti won the election on congress ticket and till 2014

she remained congress mp from Nagaur. However, after that she lost the 2014 and 2019 elections. After losing two

elections, Jyoti has now joined BJP. Now bjp strategists feel that with Jyoti's arrival, the party can win at least 7 to

10 seats in the assembly elections.

Impact of Jyoti Mirdha's legacy

Jyoti's grandfather Nathuram Mirdha was mp 6 times and mla 4 times. Apart from this, Nathuram has also been a

minister in the central and state governments. He had good command in his field. He died in 1996, but his

popularity was so much that 14 years after his death, when Jyoti Mirdha contested the elections, being the

granddaughter of Nathuram Mirdha, she got huge support from the people. But Jyoti's winning streak could not

continue in 2014. Jyoti was an mp from congress from 2009 to 2014, but she had to data-face defeat in 2014 and 2019.

For Jyoti's victory in both the elections, an attempt was made to capitalize on her grandfather's name and the slogan

was given, baba ki poti hai, Nagaur ki Jyoti hair, but this slogan also did not have much impact.

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