Kamal Nath taunts CM, says, BJP is feeling ashamed


madhya pradesh congress Committee President kamal nath made a big attack on chief minister Shivraj

Singh Chouhan. He claimed that bjp is ashamed of naming shivraj singh chouhan as the chief ministerial

data-face in the next elections. Till now no leader of the party has said that Shivraj Singh is our data-face. Kamal Nath

said that we want Shivraj Singh Chauhan to become the data-face in the elections.

kamal nath further said that the people of madhya pradesh are not waiting to see off Shivraj Singh Chouhan

but are yearning. PCC Chief kamal nath, who came to flag off Congress’s Jan Aakrosh yatra in Jabalpur’s

Patan assembly constituency, said while talking to journalists, The question today is Shivraj’s gimmick and

Kamal Nath’s guarantee. How has our government implemented its policies and The intention was shown, the

witness of this is the people of Madhya Pradesh. But today madhya pradesh is the most corrupt state in the

country. The people here are either witnesses of corruption or victims. A system of corruption has been created

from the panchayat till the top. There is no end to scams. Every day a scam comes to light. Now the public will

not be misled. kamal nath told the four data-faces of BJP. He said fake bjp, showy bjp, adulterated bjp and decorated BJP.

The machine of lies is running at double speed – Kamal Nath

congress leader kamal nath alleged that Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s machine of announcements and lies is

running at double speed. Announcements are being made by someone who is going to be the Chief Minister

for the next five years. kamal nath taunted and said, & bjp is ashamed to say that Shivraj Singh is the data-face of

our Chief Minister. Till now no one has said that chief minister Shivraj Singh is our data-face. We want Shivraj to

become the data-face.

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