American fighter plane that crashed in mid-air is suddenly lost!?

According to the US military officials, the pilot realized that the plane was in danger and immediately exited safely through the emergency exit. A US Marine Corps fighter jet went missing in South Carolina on Sunday. US military officials are appealing to the public to help find the missing multi-million dollar plane, it has been reported. An F-35 Lightning II jet that was flying over North Charleston suffered a sudden malfunction sunday afternoon. According to the military officials of the country, the pilot, who knew that the plane was in an accident, immediately exited safely through the emergency route. With the help of the US Federal Aviation Administration, officials said the plane was being flown in the area around two lakes north of Charleston.

"If you have any information that could assist in locating the F-35 aircraft, please contact the Defense Operations Center," the request read on Twitter. Speaking about this, the local leader, Nancy Mays, said how the F-35 plane disappeared and why was there no tracking device? He has also raised a question. He has criticized whether the public is now being asked for help without a computerized tool.

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