PM Modi Promises Historic Decisions in Special Parliament Session.!

Sindujaa D N
It is known that the special session of parliament started on Monday, september 18. These meetings will be held till september 22. The media and the opposition think that there will be sensational decisions in these meetings. In this context, the prime minister spoke to the media in front of the Parliament. He said that historic decisions will be taken in these special meetings.

 He expressed happiness over the success of the G20 summit held under the chairmanship of india recently. He expressed firm belief that india stands as a ray of hope for the future of the world. prime minister Modi said that india is traveling towards a bright future. He said that more steps need to be taken towards new determination. He clarified that india will become a developed country by 2047.

 He said that a new enthusiasm is spreading all over the country. He said that he hoped that the development of the country would continue unhindered. Although the duration of these special meetings is short, the occasion is very great. It is said that historical decisions will be taken in this special session of Parliament. On this occasion, the prime minister severely criticized the opposition parties. All the members of parliament were requested to attend it. He insisted that this is not the time for crying and criticizing. 

 PM Modi said that with Chandrayaan-3, our flag has fluttered proudly. He said that Shivashakti Point, where the lander landed, has become a centre of inspiration for the new era. He believes that the world will know how far ahead we are in science and technology only when such achievements are achieved. prime minister Modi said that with the success of Chandrayaan, many opportunities will knock on India's doors. 

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