Telangana Finance Minister says DHARANI Eased Process for Farmers

The dharani platform, according to Finance minister T harish rao, has made it simpler to register properties and keep track of land records in the State. The minister spoke with farmers on a wednesday surprise visit to the Sadasivapet Tahsildar's office in the sangareddy district as they arrived for registration. 

He questioned them to learn their opinion of how dharani operated. The farmers informed him that in order to finish the registration procedure, they had to meet with the VRO, Tahsildar, and RDO personnel previously. Dharani, however, had now made things simpler because the mutation was being completed quickly.

The minister also congratulated Tahsildar Manohar chakravarthy and expressed his admiration for his work. harish rao had stopped his convoy at the Tahsildar's office in the middle of his travel to chinna Chelmada village to lay the foundation for the Sangameshwara Lift Irrigation Project. The minister was joined by the collector A Sharath, the Additional collector Veera Reddy, and the Chairman of the Handloom Corporation Chintha Prabhakar.
According to Finance minister T harish rao, the siddipet district farmers earned 1,526 crores by growing paddy in 2022, compared to merely 104 crores in 2013, showing how the farmers' lives had altered over a ten-year span.

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