Darshan confessed his crime, and gave Rs 30 lakh to bury the body!


Renukaswamy murder case: Darshan confessed his crime, andgave Rs 30 lakh to bury the body!

Some information is coming out in the Renuka Swamy murder case. The police are constantly investigating this case. According to media reports, Darshan has confessed to disposing of the body, and Darshan also said that he had given Rs 30 lakh to the accused to bury the body.

Many new mysteries of the Renuka Swamy case are coming to the fore. Now this case has taken a new turn. According to media reports, kannada actor Darshan Thoogudipa, who was arrested in the Renuka Swamy murder case, has confessed to disposing of the body and ensuring that his name does not appear anywhere in this case. He has also confessed to giving Rs 30 lakh to another accused Pradosh. The amount of Rs 30 lakh has been recovered from Pradosh's house.

Confessed the crime

According to media reports, Darshan, who is accused number 2 in this entire case, has said in his statement that he had given Rs 30 lakh to Pradosh to dispose of the body. That is, Darshan had paid Rs 30 lakh to Pradosh. Pradosh was entrusted with the responsibility of handling all aspects of the kidnapping and murder as well as disposing of the body. A total of 17 accused, including Darshan and his friend Pavitra Gowda, are involved in this murder case.

What was the matter

According to media reports, Renuka Swamy, a fan of the actor, had sent obscene messages to Gowda, which angered Darshan and he was allegedly murdered. His body was found near a rain drain next to an apartment in Sumanahalli on june 9. 17 associates of actress Pavitra Gowda and Darshan Thoogudeepa had conspired to murder Renuka Swamy. According to sources, one of the accused, Raghavendra, who is part of Darshan's fan club in Chitradurga, brought Renuka Swamy to a shed in RR nagar here on the pretext that Darshan wanted to meet her. It was in this shed that she was allegedly tortured and killed.

Evidence of crime found

According to media reports, blood stain samples have been recovered from the shed where Renuka Swamy was tortured and killed, articles like sticks and wooden logs used for the alleged attack, awater bottle, aDVR containing CCTV footage along with blood stains and material have been recovered from the spot where the crime took place. Stains have also been found on the vehicle allegedly used to dispose of the body. Renuka Swamy is said to have died due to shock and bleeding caused by multiple deep injuries. Viscera samples have been sent to the Forensic Science Laboratory for further analysis. Apart from this, the investigation team has collected much evidence including CCTV footage, which can prove that Darshan was present there during the alleged attack on Renuka Swamy.

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