Shatrughan Sinha Reacts To Daughter Sonakshi Sinha's Wedding !!!


Shatrughan Sinha Reacts To Daughter Sonakshi Sinha's Wedding, 'Main Bhi Utna Hi Jaanta Hu Jitna...'

Following much speculation, shatrughan sinha addressed the rumors of his daughter Sonakshi Sinha's marriage to Zaheer Iqbal.

Actor-turned-politician shatrughan sinha has finally addressed the swirling rumors about his daughter, sonakshi sinha, tying the knot with her rumored boyfriend Zaheer Iqbal. Reports surdata-faced on monday suggesting that Sonakshi and Zaheer are set to marry on june 23 in Mumbai. However, neither Sonakshi nor Zaheer has confirmed these claims.

Shatrughan Sinha, currently in delhi, shared his thoughts with Times Now, expressing his surprise at the news. “I am in delhi right now. After the election results, I flew down here. I haven’t spoken to anyone about my daughter’s plans.”

He said that Sonakshi has been mum about this. He said, So your question is, is she getting married? The answer is that she hasn't told me anything about it. Main bhi utna hi jaanta hu jitna main media maine padha hai (I know only as much as I can from the media I read). If and when she takes me into confidence, my wife and I will give the couple my blessings. We wish her happiness always."

Shatrughan Sinha further added that his daughter is an adult with complete decision-making authority. "We trust her judgment completely. She would never make an extra-constitutional or illegal decision. As a consenting adult, she has the right to make her own decisions," he said. 

Shratughan Sinha Says He's Not Informed About Sonakshi Sinha’s Wedding

Also, Shratughan Sinha said that he is still waiting for the wedding announcement. He said, "I am being asked by people close to me why I am not aware of this and the media is aware of it. All I can say is, aaj kal ke bacche consent nahin lete maa-baap ke, sirf inform karte hain (these days, children don't seek permission from parents, they just inform). We are waiting to be informed." 

Reportedly, Sonakshi Sinha and zaheer iqbal crossed paths during a salman Khan-hosted party. They hit it off immediately and formed a friendship that changed into romance. They made an appearance in Satram Ramani’s ‘Double XL’ together.

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