Gold Biscuits For Rocky Bhai, Real Gold For Raavana?

S Venkateshwari
Despite the legal issues surrounding the project, it appears like the creators of ranbir kapoor and Sai Pallavi's "Ramayana" would proceed with their plans to shoot the film as scheduled. The film, directed by Nitesh Tiwari of dangal fame, would have rocky Bhai, who previously dealt with gold biscuits in KGF, now dealing with actual gold.
This next big-budget indian film, based on the epic Ramayana, is making news for its elaborate costumes. Yash, who will play the wicked Ravana in 'KGF,' is said to be decked up in genuine gold jewellery, clothing, and accessories! According to reports, filmmaker Nitesh Tiwari intends to produce a visually magnificent and historically authentic picture of Ravana's regal status.
This is not the first time genuine gold has been used to represent monarchy in indian movies. Actresses such as anushka shetty in "Rudramadevi" and samantha in "Shaakuntalam" have previously worn genuine gold jewellery for historical parts. "Ramayana" takes it a step further, using the precious metal not only in jewellery but also in Ravana's attire and accessories. Despite the legal tussles surrounding the film, it looks like the makers of ranbir kapoor and Sai Pallavi’s “Ramayana” are going ahead with their planning to shoot the film as planned.

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