At the Cannes Film Festival... Jackson Prabhu Deva in South Indian mike shone on the red carpet!

At the Cannes Film Festival... Jackson prabhu deva in South indian mike shone on the red carpet! 

Actor-choreographer Prabhu Deva's sizzling photos on the Cannes red carpet with his Kannappa crew are now going viral.

The much anticipated 'Horizon: An American Saga' premiered at the Cannes Film festival yesterday. In this, respected stars of the indian film industry graced the show.

Dr. M. Mohan Babu, vishnu Manju and his wife Viranika, the hero of indian cinema's biggest epic 'Kannappa' and prabhu deva, the choreographer of 'Kannappa', added to the grand event.

Actor vishnu Manju wowed the audience as he looked stunning in a signature black tuxedo designed by Atelier Viranika. Also, bollywood stylist Anisha Jain styled a sophisticated look for her.

Directed by Kevin Costner, 'Harrison: An American Saga' captivated the audience with its compelling story and stellar cast. The film's premiere was a celebration of cinematic excellence, bringing together talent and creativity from around the world.

Actor vishnu Manju is currently camping at Cannes for the teaser release of his film 'Kannappa'. It is to be noted that the teaser release of the movie Kannappa is going to be held this evening at Olympia Theatre.

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