Vadivelu, who was pitched in action on Top Kuku Dub Kuku to vacate Cook with Komali

Vadivelu, who was pitched in action on Top Kuku Dub Kuku to vacate Cook with Komali

Vaikaipuyal Vadivelu's promo on sun TV's Top Kuku Dub Kuku show is going viral.

Vadivelu, venkatesh Bhatt

Venkatesh Bhatt, who has been a judge for four seasons of Vijay TV's Cook With komali show, has moved away from the show and joined sun TV. venkatesh Bhatt is participating as a judge in a new cooking show launched on sun TV called Top Kuku Doop Kuku. It is currently being produced by media Masons, which produced four seasons of Cook With Komali.

Vadivelu in top cooku dupe cooku

Although many criticized the show initially as a copy of Cook with Komali, yesterday's episode revealed that it has many innovations. Accordingly, the 9 contestants in the show will be divided into three teams and assigned a chef as their leader. Whichever team the contestant is eliminated from, the chef of that team must leave along with him.

top cooku dupe cooku show

Apart from that, it has been announced that a prize money of Rs.20 lakh will be given to the winner of this Top Kuku Dub Kuku show. The show airs weekly on Sundays at 12.30 pm. Pepsi Vijayan, sonia Aggarwal, Chaitra Reddy, Singam Puli, aishwarya Dutta, narendra Prasad, Sai Deena, Shali Niwas, sujatha Sivakumar have participated as cooks in this event.

top cooku dupe cooku in sun tv

Similarly, GP Muthu, Deepa, Deena, Monisha, Shattam Arun, Bharat, Kathir, Chelandarya, Mukund, Vijay have participated as dope cooks. While the debut episode was full of excitement, venkatesh Bhatt gave a twist that he will be co-hosted by another celebrity at the end.

In this situation, they have released a promo video mentioning that Vaikaipuyal Vadivelu is going to participate in Top Kuku Dub Kuku show. Vadivelu has fun going to the dope cooks there in the promo video. It is not yet certain whether he will be a judge or a special guest this season. But with the arrival of Vadivelu, it is only certain that next week's episode will shoot up the TRP.

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