Lived in one room, now she is the owner of Rs 550 crores!!!

Lived in one room, now she is the owner of Rs 550 crores!!!

This girl seen in the picture has today become the most talented actress of Bollywood. This actress has given many super-duper hit films in her career so far and has proved her strong acting skills. Even this actress has won many awards including National Award for her films. Today she is the owner of several crores, although the childhood of this actress was spent in poverty.

Alia's childhood was spent in poverty.

Let us tell you that the girl seen in the picture we are talking about is none other than alia Bhatt. alia is among the top actresses of bollywood today. But this actress spent her childhood in great poverty. The actress's mother and veteran actress soni razdan herself had revealed this. Actually, in a conversation with alia for The Node Mag, Soni talked about the time when alia was a child. Sona told that her husband director mahesh bhatt was always busy with work. He said, “At that time I felt like a single parent. Mahesh was supportive, but he was very busy with work, shooting three films a day. I remember shaheen was just three weeks old when he left for a shoot, and I was literally left with a baby in my hands, which refused to sleep at night."

Alia did not have a playroom in her childhood

Soni had further said, “At that time we lived in a small one-bedroom flat. We didn't have a lot of money, we were young, and we were struggling to make it. But the children were brought up with great love. We didn't have smartphones - heck, alia didn't even have a playroom. But then, life was simple.

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