This is the reason for Amala Paul's divorce..!?

Sowmiya Sriram

This is the reason for amala Paul's divorce..!?

 For the past two days, Dhanush's name has been doing damage on social media. Suchitra, who was in silent mode eight years ago, is now in violent mode. All these things could not be passedcasually that Suchitra was talking in a bad mood. This is because her speech is so clear. When she participated in the fourth season of Bigg Boss, it became clear that she was mentally challenged. But if you look closely at the interviews she has been giving for the past few days, it is clear that she speaks clearly.

While talking about many issues happening in Kollywood, Suchitra also clarified why amala paul got divorced. It has been talked about for years that dhanush is the reason behind amala paul and AL Vijay's divorce. The reason for this divorce was said to be the close relationship between the two. But now Suchitra is giving another reason. Amalapaul also attended parties even after marriage and that was said to be the reason for the divorce.

Amala Pal used to party with the dhanush gang. Dhanush's gang framed her by mixing a bottle of drugs with her. amala, who was intoxicated, climbed up on the table and asked her to dance and took a video of it. They keep blackmailing the video and making them come to parties. At some point, AL Vijay came to know about this and their marriage broke up. Suchitra has said in her interview that Amalapaul did not reveal the scandal of the dhanush gang because she thought that marriage did not give her a hand and somehow she could keep the cinema in her hand.

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