The veteran actress had an extramarital affair...

The veteran actress had an extramarital affair...

In the world of bollywood, news of extramarital affairs of many married actors and actresses has come to light. Extra-marital affairs of many stars were in the headlines, one of which was that of a beautiful beauty from the 70-80s. This actress dated a businessman from hong kong but the reason for this was not for love but to teach everything to her unfaithful husband.

This beauty, who made her bollywood debut at the age of 16, gained a lot of fame in the film world. But she had to data-face a lot in her married life. To improve her married life, this beauty even distanced herself from films. Troubled by her husband's affair, this beauty tried a lot to settle her house but still could not succeed.

Made bollywood debut with 'Trishul'

The actress we are talking about is none other than Poonam Dhillon, who debuted with the film 'Trishul'. In 'Trishul', Poonam was seen with celebrities like amitabh bachchan, Rakhi, Shashi Kapoor, and sanjeev Kumar. But he got real recognition from the film Noori. After this, he also worked in films like 'Soni Mahiwal', 'Yeh Vaada Raha', 'Red Rose', 'Dard', 'Teri Meherbaniyaan' and 'Karma'.

Married a filmmaker

Poonam Dhillon married film maker ashok Thakeria in 1988. Poonam and ashok met at a common friend's holi party where they became friends. Within no time their friendship turned into love and the couple got married. But soon after the marriage, the relationship between Poonam and ashok started turning sour. ashok did not give time to Poonam, the reason for which was his extramarital affair.

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