The 90's actress who romanced big actors- suddenly missing?

The 90's actress who romanced big actors- suddenly missing?

Getting stardom is not a big deal, if something is big then maintaining that stardom is not possible for everyone. Ever since the film industry was formed, no one's stardom has lasted forever but the one who maintains it stays in the industry for a long time. In the 90s, many such artists came and went who became popular for a time but due to some reason or the other lost that stardom. One of them is mamta Kulkarni who was one of the beautiful actresses of that era. mamta Kulkarni is celebrating her 51st birthday this year. At this stage of his age, he decided to become a Yogini, although there is no complete information about him. mamta was a popular actress of the 90s but why did her film career end after reaching heights, who was responsible for it, let us give you the details.

Mamta Kulkarni's family background

Mamta Kulkarni was born on 20 april 1972 in mumbai in a Marathi Brahmin family. mamta belonged to a middle-class family. Mamta's mother was a believer in god and a worshiper and mamta also learned all this from her. mamta had told in an interview that she has great faith in God. mamta studied at St. Joseph's Convent international School in Mumbai. mamta had told in her initial interview that her mother wanted her to do something different instead of becoming an average girl, otherwise, mamta never wanted to become an actress.

How did mamta Kulkarni ruin her career?

Mamta Kulkarni's career had started well in the 90's but she spoiled things herself. The first controversy regarding mamta came to light in the year 1994 when she did a topless photoshoot for which an FIR was registered against her and she had to pay a fine of Rs 15,000. mamta came into limelight due to that photo shoot. After this, in the year 1997, rajkumar santoshi offered the film china Gate to mamta but later she was removed from the film. According to reports, in those days, Chhota Rajan, close to Dawood Ibrahim, dominated Bollywood. At his request, mamta was again taken into the film. Later mamta alleged that many of her scenes were cut from the film.

After this, he had a rift with Rajkumar Santoshi. After this incident, most of the people in bollywood shunned mamta and only a few people gave her films. Gradually mamta stopped getting films and her controversies started increasing in different ways. Later, her connection with the underworld was revealed, which mamta never clarified and she stayed away from the industry. A few years ago, a video of mamta had surdata-faced in which she told that now she has no connection with anyone. She is living the life of a Sadhvi and wants to spend the rest of her life in devotion, but where that video was from is not known at the moment.

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