TR's first film was released in the name of their girlfriend

TR's first film was released in the name of their girlfriend ... Rajini refused to act; T. Rajender, who gave the hero and hit

Do you know the story of T. Rajender, the leading director of the tamil film industry? Let's see. For today's generation, T. Rajender knows that simbu is the father of Simbu. But today's 2K Kids are unlikely to know that he is a multi-data-faceted artist. In the 1980s, D. Rajender became an all-rounder in his films as an actor, singer, composer, singer and songwriter. Thus his pictures hit a series.T. Rajender created a separate style for himself as a verse, a thick beard, and a bearded hairstyle. In addition, he will not have porn in his films. He has a separate policy that he will not even act in the heroine. Because of this, her films were loved by the Audience, especially the women.

He was a head raga, a golden anthem, my sister Kalyani, Maithili my girlfriend, usha, and a raga in the chest. T. Rajender was the title of his girlfriend for a hit film. The film is about the life of Usha. This title is kept in mind by her girlfriend Usha.T. Rajender, who decided to play Rajini as the hero in the film, and ended up writing the story of the film. But since Rajini refused to act in the film, D. Rajender decided to be the hero of the other heroes. It was also the first film to be produced by TR, launching a company called Tanjore Cine Arts.It is also the film that nalini debuted as one of the Golochian heroines in Kollywood. During that period of Ilayaraja's continued hit songs, all the songs composed by DR for Usha's film usha were hit all over the place. Following the songs, the film was released and tasted new success. Subsequently, the film was dubbed in telugu and was released. usha then remade the film in hindi and Kannada. The film is also a different hit. usha has been a Classic film in TR's Career. It is noteworthy that T. Rajender married usha and married Usha

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