Bigg Boss 13 fame Aarti Singh will marry her boyfriend Deepak Chauhan this month!


Arti Singh Wedding Date: Arti Singh will get married in the temple, knowing on which day she will become deepak Chauhan's bride.

Aarti Singh has been in the headlines for some time regarding her marriage. Now the actress has also unveiled her wedding date. Bigg Boss 13 fame Aarti Singh will marry her boyfriend Deepak Chauhan this month. But her fans are curious as to where else Aarti is going to get married someday. bigg boss 13 fame and tv actress Aarti Singh is very happy these days. The reason for her happiness is that she is going to take seven rounds with her love i.e. her boyfriend deepak Chauhan. She is going to make the love of her life her partner forever. Aarti's fans eagerly want to participate in her happiness in some way or the other. Even if that medium is social media.

Wedding date

Actress Aarti Singh will soon marry deepak Chauhan. She is busy preparing for her marriage. Recently, Aarti revealed the venue of the wedding and without keeping the fans waiting, she also revealed the date of the wedding. Aarti is going to get married on 25th april in the iskcon temple in Mumbai.

Wedding preparations

During an interview, Aarti Singh said, "He likes Saagdi." She is very happy with all the things that are happening to her these days.'' Further, when she was asked why she chose the iskcon temple for her wedding. On this, the actress said, "I had the same intention to do it and I am happy that everything is happening as it should be."

Big Day Plan

Aarti is very excited about the biggest day of her life. Describing her plans for the big day, she said, "It is not at all that I will not wear heavy jewelry on the wedding day or there will be no other functions. Everything will happen. Currently, I am looking at a heavy pair to wear on the wedding day as well as heavy jewelry. But all this will be for the wedding day. But right now I like it the way it is.

Aarti Singh is the sister of tv and bollywood actor krishna Abhishek and hence Kashmiri Shah is her sister-in-law. All the friends, relatives, andmany people from the tv and bollywood world will come to Aarti's wedding. Aarti said, "I have many friends, even if I don't invite them to the wedding, they will all come to the wedding." Earlier Aarti wanted to get married in Kashi Vishwanath Temple, but now she has made up her mind. That she will get married in the iskcon temple of mumbai only.

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