Akshay Kumar: Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar joined the film Pan India!

Akshay Kumar: bollywood actor akshay kumar joined the film Pan India!

Bollywood actor akshay kumar will debut in telugu cinema with vishnu Manju's epic film 'Kannappa'.

 The leading actor of telugu cinema, vishnu Manju, is trying to give the biggest epic movie in the history of indian cinema with the movie 'Kannappa'. From the stars to the technicians working in the film, everyone is famous in india and all the work of the film is being developed on a grand scale with a huge budget.

In that way, the famous bollywood actor akshay kumar has joined another leading indian star in the movie 'Kannappa', which stars many leading indian stars including prabhas, mohanlal, and Sarathkumar. Also, akshay kumar, who made his debut in the telugu film industry with 'Kannappa', is ready to give a new experience to the new audience by showing a new dimension of performance in his first telugu film.

As actor Akshay Kumar's character is crucial to the story of 'Kannappa', the team is confident that his look and performance will make a huge impact on the audience. Actor akshay kumar has joined the shoot in hyderabad with the film crew focusing mainly on shooting important scenes including the climax scene and significant part of the film in Hyderabad.

Actor vishnu Manju said, "It's thrilling to shoot with Akshay sir. We are ready to shoot the climax scene of the film. It is a great honor to have such a talented actor join us. Akshay sir's arrival has made 'Kannappa' a truly pan-India film.” said.

As the shooting is going on, the fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the film. Directed by mukesh Kumar Singh, the film has an impressive cast and crew including stars like mohanlal and prabhas as well as famous hollywood cinematographer sheldon Chau, action director Kecha Kampakdee and dance maestro Prabhu Deva.

It is to be noted that 'Kannappa', which is made with heart heart-touching storyline and stunning visuals, was officially launched last year at Srikalahastheeswara temple and its first shoot has now been completed.


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