'12th Fail' will be released on 20 thousand screens in this country

'12th Fail' will be released on 20 thousand screens in this country…

Vikrant Massey's inspiring drama, '12th Fail', released last year, received a great response from the audience. Made on a low budget, this film made strong collections at the box office and received a lot of accolades. Now this film is going to achieve another achievement in its name. Actually ‘12th Fail’ is going to be released in China. This film not only impressed the audience but has also become a symbol of success in the indian film industry. Recently, Ins film also celebrated its 25th week in theatres.

'12th Fail' will be released in China

Lead stars of '12th Fail' vikrant massey and medha shankar informed us that the film is ready to be released in China. Both are very excited about this. In an interview given to india Today, Vikrant said that it is too early to decide whether he will go to china for promotion or not. Vikrant said, "It is too early to talk about it, but I am really excited because something like this has happened after a long time."

On how many screens will '12th Fail' be shown in China?

Let us tell you that aamir khan had earlier gone to china for the promotion of his film 'Dangal', which was a huge hit there. His film ‘3 Idiots’ also performed well in the country. Vikrant said that the team behind 12th Fail had been working on its release in china for some time. He said that this film will be shown on more than 20,000 screens in China. Along with this, Vikrant said, “Work on this has been going on for a few months, but finally the news has come out and everyone knows that the film is being released in China. There is a lot of demand for hindi cinema or indian cinema in China. There are over 20,000 screens. china caters to the entertainment sector and so are the [screen] numbers."

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