Urfi Javed leaves all SHOCKED with her 100 Kg dress!!!


Urfi Javed: Urfi's unique style in 100 kg gown, user said - had to go to Met Gala wearing this dress

Urfi Joved is famous for her unusual fashion. This time Urfi surprised everyone by wearing a strange gown weighing 100 kg. Social media sensation Urfi Javed does not need any identity today. Urfi's unique fashion gets her a lot of applause among the people. These days Urfi Javed is in the news for his debut film 'LSD 2'. Recently, the bold trailer of the film 'LSD 2' was released, in which a glimpse of Urfi was also seen. Now Urfi is seen promoting her film in a different style. On saturday, she was seen in a strange blue gown in Mumbai. This gown is said to weigh more than 100 kg. About 450 meters of cloth was used to make it and it took three months to make the entire outfit. 10-11 people have made it together. Urfi has shared her new look on her social media site Instagram.

Users' opinion on Urfi's new look

Urfi Javed has millions of fans, while some users have also been trolling her for her strange dress. This time Urfi's look is no less than a red carpet look. Urfi shared this post just a few hours ago. Urfi Javed also wrote, "The rate carpet starts from where I stand." fashion is the best way to take revenge.'' In these pictures, Urfi is wearing a very long gown. Urfi was seen giving different poses in this gown. His style will win anyone's heart. Urfi's fans are constantly commenting on this look on social media.

One user wrote, "Thank you Urfi for showing us the Met Gala for free every day." Another user wrote, "Wanted to go to Met Gala wearing this dress." Another fan wrote, "I really liked this outfit." Another fan wrote, "100 gun salute."

Urfi's own red carpet

Urfi Javed is in the news less for her work and more for her fashion. On saturday evening, a video of Urfi in the same look also went viral on social media. During this, Urfi was seen on the red carpet made by herself. The only difference is that only Urfi walked on this red carpet. In this video, Urfi was seen getting down from a tempo in a blue gown. After this, Urfi posed fiercely for the media on her own red carpet. During this, Urfi told the media, "Nobody calls me on the red carpet." So I created my own red carpet. I will do everything on my red carpet myself, whether someone calls me or calls me, I will do my red carpet myself.

Will debut with LSD 2

After 14 years, once again the film 'LSD 2' produced by ekta kapoor is going to be released in theaters soon. The film has been in the news ever since its teaser was out. The film based on the world of technology reveals the truth of the Internet. Urfi is going to debut in the film with ekta Kapoor's 'LSD 2'. Recently, the bold trailer of the film was released, in which a glimpse of Urfi was also seen. Every scene of the trailer is giving goosebumps. It will be very exciting for his fans to see him in 'LSD 2'. This film will be released in theaters on april 19.

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