How did Elvish Yadav spend in jail? YouTuber revealed


How did Elvish Yadav spend in jail? YouTuber revealed!!!

Bigg Boss OTT 2 winner Elvish Yadav has reached his home on the seventh day after spending 6 days in jail. After this, the YouTuber shot his first vlog for the fans. In this vlog, Elvish talked about his worst time. He also told how he spent 6 days in jail.

This is how Elvish Yadav spent 6 days in jail

While starting the vlog, Elvish Yadav said, 'The week that has gone has been a waste, but what can we say about the inside, there are ups and downs in life. Now a new chapter has to start. Thank you to those who supported me in my difficult times and also thank you to those who did evil. Further in the vlog, the YouTuber said, 'There is no facility to get a haircut inside the jail, so now I am going to get a haircut. But this is a part of life that is gone. Everyone gets worried, but one thing I realized is that we are our people, and what I missed the most during these days was going out in cars at night and sitting with my friends. Well, we have full faith in our judiciary. Whatever happens will be right.

'We are like water...'

With sadness on his data-face, Elvish Yadav told the fans, 'God has showered a little grace on me that I will celebrate holi with my family. We are like water, pour it anywhere. No problem, this is all part of life. In the vlog, Elvish Yadav told how weak his mother has become due to tension. Energy has also been reduced. In the video, Elvish was seen spending time with the family.

Let us tell you that in the Cobra incident, on november 4 last year, Elvish Yadav was stopped for some time by the police for questioning in Kota, Rajasthan. Then he went somewhere by car with his friends, and later he was released. After this, Elvish was again arrested by noida police in the same case on march 17. After this, Elvish was granted bail on 22 March.

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