Bihar minister's daughter made her debut with 'Serial Kisser'


Bihar minister's daughter made her debut with 'Serial Kisser'...

There are many actresses in bollywood who are outsiders but have reached some position based on hard work. Some actresses are famous for their beauty more than their films, one of them is Neha Sharma. neha sharma is an actress who belongs to bihar but made her mark on her own in Mumbai. Millions of people follow neha sharma on Instagram. When neha sharma entered films, she used to be the crush of the youngsters of that era. How did Neha Sharma's film journey begin? How did Neha reach from bihar to mumbai and how did she enter films? Let us tell you about it.

Neha Sharma's family background

Born on 21 november 1987 in Bhagalpur, bihar, Neha Sharma's father Ajit Sharma is related to politics. Who is also a member of the bihar Assembly? Neha's sister Ayesha Sharma is also an actress. There has been a political atmosphere in Neha's house since childhood and she said in many of her interviews that if she gets a chance, she will join politics.

How educated is Neha Sharma?

Before coming into films, Neha wanted to become a fashion designer. For this, Neha has done a course in fashion design from the National Institute of Interior and fashion Technology. Even after having a degree, Neha did not pursue this profession.

Which is Neha Sharma's debut film?

According to reports, neha sharma came to mumbai to pursue a career in the field of fashion design. Due to work, he had to go to some southern city and there he luckily got the film Charutha (2007). In this film, Ramcharan teja was in the lead role and Neha was also cast as the lead actress. neha sharma got a chance to work on her first film in bollywood, Crook (2010). This film was average but its songs were superhit. emraan hashmi was seen opposite Neha in this film and their pairing was also liked.

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