Varalakshmi Sarathkumar quits career!

Thunder fell in personal life! varalakshmi sarathkumar quits career! The shock information he said!

In a recent interview, actress varalakshmi sarathkumar, who is about to get married soon, has openly spoken that nothing has happened as planned in her film career and her personal life.

Sarathkumar was a leading hero in tamil cinema in the 90s. His eldest daughter, varalakshmi sarathkumar, is now a well-known actress in tamil cinema. Before he turned 18, she got an opportunity to act in films like 'Boys' directed by shankar and 'Kadal' starring Sandhya-Bharat.

At that time, her father told him not to do cinema at a very young age she accepted the advice and missed these film opportunities. She then made her debut as a heroine in the 2012 film 'Boda Bodi' directed by Vignesh Sivan.

Although the film was critically well received, it was a commercial failure. However, she proved her talent in acting and dancing in her first film. However, at that time varalakshmi sarathkumar did not get opportunities to act in Tamil. So she started focusing on languages like Telugu, Kannada, etc.

Varalakshmi Sarathkumar, who did a small cap in tamil, later made her entry as the heroine again in 'Tharai Thapattai' directed by Bala. Her performance in this film earned her praise and various awards. Even though Thaarai Thapattai was a commercial failure for her, many directors showed interest in committing him to subsequent films. And not only as a heroine, she proved her talent in character roles like Willy.

Varalakshmi Sarathkumar is now 38 years old, and she got engaged to her boyfriend Nikolai Sachdev only last month. Their engagement at a star hotel in mumbai was attended by only close family members. And Nikolai Sachdev runs an art gallery in Mumbai. Varalakshmi is now going to marry her friend of 14 years who is already married and divorced from her wife.

In this case, varalakshmi sarathkumar in a recent interview has openly said that everything from her film career to her personal life has gone wrong. That is, she was 22 years old when she made her debut in 'Boda Bodi'. So anyway she wanted to become a big actress by the age of 28. Also she had a plan to get married at the age of 32 and have children at the age of 34.

But she is now 38 years old. So the plan that I put in her career and life has gone wrong. Therefore, she has said that you should never plan your life.

she went on to say.After 'Boda Bodi' I focused more on my personal life. That was my biggest mistake. This affected his film career. This was a disaster for me. I would have acted in more films if I had fully focused on cinema as a career. At some point when the opportunity did not come, I asked myself a lot of questions but it was the failures that made me stronger.

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