Blue Shirt Maran Roasts Director & Dhanush!

Do you even want to do research? "Ilayaraaja" movie poster - Blue Shirt Maran Roasts director & Dhanush!

Ilayaraja Biopic : The biopic of world renowned music composer ilayaraja is currently being filmed. Famous actor dhanush will play the role of ilayaraja in it.

While many films are already being made with famous actor dhanush, it was recently reported that he is going to play the role of ilayaraja in the biopic of the world famous music composer Ilayaraja. It is also reported that this movie is being directed by Arun Matheswaran, who has already given a hit movie called "Captain Miller" with Dhanush.

In this case, as an additional special information in the official information about this movie was released yesterday, the official information has been released that the world hero Kamal Haasan is going to write the screenplay for this movie. Also, a poster of the film on Ilayaraja's biography was released and received a huge response among dhanush fans.

But famous film critic Blue Shirt Maran has said that there are many mistakes in the poster. In the movie poster of ilayaraja, the poster looks like he is standing at the entrance of the Central Railway Station. But if he came to madurai from Farmanpuram and then to Chennai, he would have reached Egmore railway station.

Similarly, he has tagged in his post a comment made by some netizens saying that a tar road was constructed near the Central railway station in the early 1960s, but it is constructed as if ilayaraja is standing in the chair.

And "Poster design without even basic research. Arun Matheswaran, Dhanush.. wait for what else to do.." Maran mentioned that.

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