Thalapathy Vijay's Malayalam speech with Fans!

Actor Vijay is currently working on Goat movie. Directed by venkat Prabhu, Meenakshi Chellatri is acting opposite actor Vijay in this hugely developing film. The movie also stars Sneha, Ajmal, Prabhu Deva, Laila, Prashanth, Nitin Satya, Mike Mohan, Vaibhav. music by yuvan shankar raja is produced by AGS.

Actor Vijay plays a dual role in Goat. Since one of them is a young character, they are using de-aging technology to make Vijay look younger. The shooting of Goat is currently in its final stages. The final shooting of the film is going on at Green Fields in Kerala. The fans gave an enthusiastic welcome to the actor Vijay who went to kerala for this.

Apart from that, the fans are gathering in front of the stadium every day after knowing that the shooting of Code is going on in the stadium. Thalapathy Vijay gave a pleasant surprise to the thousands of fans who had gathered to see him, by getting on the van and talking to them in Malayalam. Thalapathy cheered up the fans by saying that I am as happy as you all are during the onam festival.

Fans were waiting to see Vijay not only at the stadium but also at the hotel where he was staying. Knowing this, Vijay looked at them and thanked them by waving his hand. When Vijay came to know that someone in the crowd had brought a garland for him, he asked him to wear the garland in person and bought it. This video is going viral on the internet.

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