Kerala stopped by the road show conducted by actor Vijay!

Thalapathy's car was smashed.

Actor Vijay's car, which has gone to kerala for the shooting of Goat, got stuck in a crowd of fans and got smashed.

Actor Vijay is currently working on Goat movie. Directed by venkat Prabhu, the shooting of the film has reached its final stage. The film crew has gone to kerala for the final shoot of Goat. Accordingly, actor Vijay also went to kerala yesterday to participate in the shooting of Code. Vijay reached thiruvananthapuram by private flight from Chennai.

Vijay fans started gathering at the thiruvananthapuram airport from early morning to give an enthusiastic welcome to actor Vijay who arrived in kerala yesterday evening. After almost 14 years, actor Vijay has come to kerala for a shoot and a large number of fans thronged the airport to see him. Vijay, who arrived in kerala at four o'clock in the evening, was given a rousing welcome at the airport.

After that, Vijay waved to the fans who had gathered there from the car and thanked them, and on the way to the hotel from there, fans gathered in waves. Vijay's kerala visit turned into a sudden road show. As fans surrounded Vijay's car, Thalapathy's car crept slowly through the crowd. thiruvananthapuram itself came to a standstill due to this.

Videos of Vijay's visit to kerala are being shared the most on social media. In that way, a video of actor Vijay's car getting stuck in the crowd and getting crushed is now going viral. The doors of the car are crushed in the crowd. Likewise, the car glass is also broken. It has been reported that actor Vijay is planning to meet his kerala fans soon.

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