Prakash Raj is making a fuss about BJP!

The national democratic alliance is claiming that it will win more than 400 seats in the lok sabha elections. Actor prakash raj has severely criticized this.

As the 18th lok sabha elections are about to be held in india, the dates have been announced and the rules of conduct have come into effect. Counting of votes will be held on june 4, which will be the end of this democracy festival which will be held in 7 stages.

In this case, the national democratic alliance parties and the United Progressive Alliance parties have started their campaign work. bjp stalwart and prime minister Narendra Modi has already completed half of his campaign in North india and is currently running a whirlwind campaign in South india as well.

BJP victory account!

Prime minister Modi, who is crawling again with the slogan Modi, is saying that this time he will win 370 more seats as a single party and 400 more seats as an alliance party.

Review by Prakash Raj

Actor prakash raj has criticized this idea of prime minister Modi. That is, he is saying that all the fraudsters will get more than 400 seats. He said that there is no chance of any single party winning 400 seats in the democratic country of India. He strongly criticized bjp, congress and any other party saying that they will win more than 400 seats as arrogance.

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