Sara Ali Khan basking in success of her recently released film ‘Murder Mubarak’

Sara ali Khan has come a long way in showbiz with rich content driven and commercial films. Time and again, she has showcased remarkable versatility in her relatively short career. Transitioning effortlessly between various genres, she’s demonstrated her acting prowess in films like Kedarnath, Simba, murder Mubarak and others.

The much anticipated film murder Mubarak which was released a couple of days back, has made her the centre of attraction in the film. She played the role of Bambi, a sophisticated urban girl which stood as a contrast to her typical on-screen portrayals. Ahead of this she will be next seen this month again in ‘Ae Watan Mere Watan’playing the role of an iconic female freedom fighter Usha Mehta and with this she proves that she is ahead of her time.

In a recent interview Sara was asked about her aim in life to which she replied, “I want to be the better version of myself every day. I just genuinely feel that you should love and allow yourself to breathe, something different starts happening. I have always been a secured person, but I am not that over the top self less kind of a person. Finally i am reaching the stage, where I am genuinely happy for people being around me and it comes from the genuine gratitude for whatever it is we have. Everybody asks for your aim but no one sees where you come from. I am living my dream and I want to feel it. I have two outstanding trailers on the internet and two of my films are releasing this month. The last time I felt this was in december 2018 and now I feel that way again.”

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