R Madhavan shared about his major purchases, revealing that one of his most Expensive Possessions

R madhavan, in a recent interview, shared about his major purchases, revealing that his yacht ranks second only to his house. madhavan talked about fulfilling his dream of obtaining a captain’s license and owning a yacht. He said, “The most expensive purchase that I bought is the house that I have. It’s quite expensive. Does a family of three require that big a house? Not at all. But apart from that house the most expensive thing I got was a yacht. I bought it because I always wanted to take a captain’s license and during Covid I had nothing to do so I gave my exam and it took me six months. So, now I am a licensed captain who can sail a 40-foot yacht or a boat and just to scratch that off my bucket list, I bought the yacht and I enjoy it thoroughly.”

Speaking about how the yacht brings him tranquility and spiritual fulfillment, madhavan said, it’s a place for him to write. He takes it out to the sea and park overnight. “I look at the dolphins fly around as I write my stories, it is the best purchase of my life. It is parked in Dubai. It has brought me a lot closer to nirvana.”

Even though he’s successful in entertainment, madhavan mentioned he hasn’t made a lot of money as an actor. He believes in following the law and paying taxes. But he’s proud of buying the yacht because it brings happiness to him and his family.

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